Do I need to get ten sessions?

No. I am available for single sessions and mini series as well. I am willing to work with the needs and desires of my clients. While Rolfing is quite effective in a 10 to 12 session series, it is not always necessary to complete all 10 to 12 sessions. The 10 session recipe is a fantastic process which goes thoroughly through the whole body, creating the atmosphere for lasting change, which I recommend.

I suggest trying the first 3 sessions and deciding whether or not you want to continue. Bodies do not shape into their patterns overnight so naturally it takes some time to reverse years full of poor posture, injuries, and repetitive movement patterns. The number of sessions required to meet your goals has a number of factors to consider such as health history, daily activities, lifestyle etc. If you have already been through the 10 session recipe you may want to proceed with a 3 session tune up, specifically designed to meet your needs.