How is Rolfing different from Chiropractic and Massage?

Chiropractic therapy tends to focus on freeing spinal joint restrictions and promoting nerve flow to and from the spine. It does not address the soft tissue patterns of the whole body and their influence on structural balance. Rolfing uses soft tissue techniques to treat restrictions that are a part of the overall body pattern, all the while restoring mobility, health and vitality, creating an integrated body. Rolfing SI and chiropractic care are compatable and can be complimentary

Massage is a broad term that refers to many styles of bodywork. In general, massage promotes relaxation and blood flow. Some deep tissue massage works to release local patterns of structural strain, but this is not usually done as part of a strategy to balance the whole body. Although massage is relaxing, you may find the same area bothering you again shortly after you leave the office. This is because the area that hurts is often a compensatory or secondary issue, which massage doesn't address.