Patrick Shaw

I'm familiar with rolfing and have experienced its benefits first hand. I had a severe back trauma several years ago and was told I would probably never walk, stand, run, ever again. I exhausted all the medical paths available and then I was told by an athlete about a specific accupuncterist and a rolfer (both in Chicago, as thats where I lived at the time ). Two months later I was out of pain and well on the road to recovery. Then about two years ago I was injured again. Reinjuring many of the old injuries and adding several new ones to the mix. This time in Austin Texas. Again I immediately went to see my Doctor, then referral, imaging, then referral, more imaging, etc.. for just over a year. I also was researching and trying different acupuncturists and rolfers, osteopaths etc... a few offered a little relief to my pain but no one was able to really help me. They were all very good people and tried, it was just the sheer scope and complexity of my injuries that they couldn't do more. Finally, I go and see David Satarino and I found my Rolfer! Rolfing isn't a one and done miracle cure-all by any means, nor is it a lifetime of Chiropractic care. My case was sever and complex for sure, but he took all the time to figure out what was wrong and how it related to everything else and helped manage my pain almost immediately. I was so thankful just to be able to sleep through the night! Slowly and steadily I got better, I didn't have to do any surgeries and could get off all the prescription pain killers. To all the doctors who said the damage was permanent and my spine would be twisted and curved for the rest of my life , I say you should explore more about other medical modalities! If your looking for a Rolfer who knows his stuff? Look no further. He's super kind, nice and easy to get along with and you can tell he enjoys his work and knows what he's doing. I'm so fortunate to have been able to find him. He deserves all the best reviews in the world!